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A Family of Faith June Resources to help you stay connected

Norma T Molina

Greetings Friends of A Family of Faith/Una Familia de Fe! Thank you for a wonderful year. We hope we alleviated some of your burdens this year. Maybe it was a lesson, an extra liturgical activity, or a conversation this past year that helped you smooth out a rough patch. And we will be here for you this summer, as you rest, relax and reflect on the year.  

In the Easter readings, we hear how the Apostles were only effective because they were called by Jesus, and strengthened by the Holy Spirit.  How is your heart? Do you feel stressed by the drive to achieve your goals, or do you feel strengthened by the call to witness God鈥檚 love? When working rooted in God鈥檚 strength, we know all things are possible, even 鈥渇amily registration鈥. 

Our dear friend, Sr. Johanna Paruch, has beautiful advice for creating sacred spaces in our classrooms and, by extension, your home on an episode of Christ in the Classroom found here.  

For ideas on life in harmony with the Church year this summer, check out these gems from our A Family of Faith resources for June

Once again, thank you for all you do! Wishing you a blessed summer. May it be a season of rest, rejuvenation, and many blessings!

Norma T. Molina
Educator Support Specialist
A Family of Faith/Una familia de fe