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A Family of Faith May Newsletter

Norma T Molina

Dear Friends of  A Family of Faith/ Una Familia de Fe,

Congratulations! You are in the home stretch, and you have accomplished something incredible. You have fostered, empowered, and strengthened your community through A Family of Faith/Una Familia de Fe. The workings of grace are slow and gentle, and the seeds that you have planted might take time to bear fruit.  But I am sure that even now you have some encouraging stories to share. And share them; they glorify God! 

We entrust you and all your parish families to Our Lady during this month of May dedicated to the most beautiful Lady ever! What a blessing that we have the Blessed Virgin Mary as our Mother. 

For May we strongly recommend a Community Meeting to come together as the parish 鈥淔amily of Faith鈥 community to celebrate faith and family life, to congratulate and encourage families for what they have accomplished. Everyone loves a good party, and a good party helps everyone look forward to the future. Suggestions for the May Community Meeting also include:

  • Ask your stronger more enthusiastic families how they would like to celebrate
  • Have families share their year-long projects and fill out the year鈥檚 evaluation
  • Play the suggested games

You will find some bilingual (English/Spanish) resources for May on our Online Resource Library-Liturgical Pacing Page. They include the Sunday Gospel lessons, the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary and bilingual children鈥檚 videos of Our Lady of Fatima. We also have these eLessons: Mary’s Month and Mother’s Day and “A Simple Marian Procession“.

May this time of Easter joy prepare us for the celebration of Pentecost.

Finally, a big thank you to all of you for a job well done and for your perseverance and your love for the Lord, the Church and your zeal for spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ!

Norma T. Molina, Educator Support Specialist