Parish Support Resources for May

Carrie Soucy

May is dedicated to our Blessed Mother; and for many parishes, the end of the program year is quickly approaching. You鈥檒l find lots of Marian resources like A Simple Marian Procession and Mary鈥檚 Month and Mother鈥檚 Day, saint bios, weekly Gospel lessons and more right here on our Online Resource Library.

Here are just a couple of simple ideas on how to use Spirit of Truth to enhance your end-of-year celebrations. These resources can also be found right on our Online Resource Library here at SophiaTeachers.Org.

Use the quiz/test questions to create individual and/or team challenges (grades 2-8).

Likewise, use the index of vocabulary words to reimagine spelling bees, Jeopardy and/or Charades-type games.

Create an art gallery using sacred art images from lessons throughout the year. Have younger students identify who is in each image and what they are doing. Older students could also tour the gallery and write one new thing they noticed, and/or short reflections on their favorite images.

If you would like a tour of the Online Resource Library or need assistance with locating these materials on the website, feel free to schedule a call with me anytime. Here is my calendar.

I also wanted to share a little bit of inspiration with you. My colleague created a presentation 鈥淐rossing the Finish Line鈥 a couple of years ago, but I find it has some wonderful insights that are relevant for any season. I’ve taken a short segment of this presentation and shared it here. Enjoy!

Important Notices

Please know that access to the 2021/22 online resources will end on June 30, 2022, unless you have already placed your order for Spirit of Truth for the coming year. In which case, your access to the Online Resource Library will remain active. If you have any questions in regard to this, do not hesitate to let me know.

For those who are using the Spirit of Truth Digital Edition, note that as of June 30, 2022, this system will be going offline for routine maintenance and updates. During that time it will not be accessible. We expect it to be operational on or before August 1, 2022. We sincerely appreciate your patience as we strive to enhance these features.