Preparing for Easter

Stephen Lajoie

Hello Friends,

I hope that your Lenten season has been full of graces! As we approach the Easter Triduum, the height of the liturgical year, we want to help you make the most of it.

Liturgical Year Resources

At our new website you will continue to find our liturgical year resources, including lessons and activities for the remainder of Lent, the Triduum, and Easter, and even coloring pages for saint feast days! We all sorts of other great resources available for you there, from our digital teacher guides, lesson powerpoints, adaptable tests, and more. Please take a look!

A Unique Approach to Learning

This month, I wanted to highlight the design behind Spirit of Truth. Part of what makes our series unique is our interactive, relational, and incarnational approach to learning. Students learn best through learning from your witness, and through your relationship with them! This means Spirit of Truth is a lot more hands-on than most textbooks, and might be challenging at first. Could you use a little practical help, with this or any other aspect of using the textbook? Reply to this email and we’ll set a time to talk, or check my calendar and schedule a meeting automatically at your convenience!

Just for Fun

A book that I enjoyed last Lent was The Thief Who Stole Heaven by Raymond Arroyo. It helped me to reflect on the good thief, Dismus, and the nature of the mercy of God. It may also be a great book to share in your classroom, so I invite you to take a look!

I hope that you have a blessed conclusion to your Lenten fasts and a joyful Easter! Please know that you and your students always remain in our prayers.

Yours in Christ,

Stephen Lajoie

Educator Support Specialist for Schools

Sophia Institute for Teachers

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