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Lesson 4


In this lesson your children explore the gateway to the Christian life: Baptism. In Baptism, your children were cleansed of the stain of Original Sin and became part of God鈥檚 family.

Lesson Vocabulary
  • Baptism
    (n.): The first Sacrament of Initiation, which makes us members of the Church, forgives sins, and gives new life in Christ. It is necessary for salvation. The celebration of Baptism involves being immersed in water, or having water poured over one鈥檚 head three times, in the name of the Holy Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Form
    (n.): The words said, or the formula, which communicates what God is doing in the celebration of a Sacrament.
  • Matter
    (n.): The material sign in the celebration of a Sacrament used by Christ to reveal His presence and show His work.
  • Recipient
    The person who receives the Sacrament.
  • Effect
    The way a Sacrament changes us.
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