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Lesson 5

Our Father: The First Three Petitions

The Our Father expresses seven petitions or requests to God our Father. In this lesson, children will learn the first three petitions, which carry us to glorify the Father: 鈥渉allowed be Thy name,鈥 鈥淭hy Kingdom come,鈥 and 鈥淭hy will be done.鈥 We pray that God鈥檚 name will be made holy in our lives, that His Kingdom will rule our lives, and that His will be done in our lives. When these three petitions are prayed from our hearts, they draw us into God鈥檚 mysterious and wondrous plan for the salvation of the world.

Lesson Vocabulary
  • First three petitions of the Our Father
    They are petitions that draw us to the glory of God. We ask to make God鈥檚 name holy, to pray and work for the coming of God鈥檚 Kingdom, and to ask that God鈥檚 will be done in our lives.
  • Hallow
    To make something holy or to treat it in a holy way.
  • Kingdom of God
    (n.): God鈥檚 reign, or rule, over all things. During His public ministry, Jesus proclaimed that the Kingdom of God was at hand. The Church is the seed, or beginning, of the Kingdom here on earth. The Kingdom will be fulfilled in Heaven.
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