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Lesson 10

Praying with Scripture

The aim of this lesson is for your children to discover the beautiful ways that Scripture can be an aid to prayer and to begin to develop the habit of praying with the Bible, as well as an appreciation that, when we read Scripture, we are encountering God Himself.

Lesson Vocabulary
  • Inspiration
    The divine influence given to the human authors of Scripture. The Holy Spirit moved within them to chose their own words to write the truth God wanted written for the sake of our salvation.
  • Psalms
    (n.): 150 poetic hymns and prayers found in the Book of Psalms in the Old Testament. They have been used in prayer since the time of the ancient Jews and continue to be prayed at Mass, in the Liturgy of the Hours, and in other forms of prayer. King David is believed to have written around half of them. They constitute the complete expression of human emotion and experience of worship of God.
  • Lectio Divina
    (n.): An ancient form of praying with Scriptures that is a slow thoughtful encounter with the Word of God. Latin for "divine reading."
  • Liturgy of the Hours
    (n.): The public prayer of the Church which sanctifies the whole course of the day and night. It consists of a variety of prayers, Scripture readings, most especially the Psalms, and writings of the saints, divided into 鈥渉ours,鈥 which are prescribed to be prayed at specific times of day.
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