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Lesson 2

Prayer in Salvation History

In this lesson your children learn that when our heart responds to the invitation from the heart of God to enter into a relationship with Him, we have entered into a covenant. By observing the development of prayer in the Old Testament figures of Abraham and Moses, we can see how this covenantal relationship of prayer reaches its fulfillment through the prayer of Jesus Christ. The Church singles out God鈥檚 relationship with Abraham as the start of the drama of prayer because of Abraham鈥檚 great faith; Moses is an example of the one who prays for God鈥檚 people; and the drama of prayer is fully revealed to us in Jesus, as His will is in complete conformity with His Father鈥檚 will.

Lesson Vocabulary
  • Covenant Drama
    The story of God鈥檚 relationship with His people as it unfolds in history.
  • Mediator or Intercessor
    Someone who speaks for one person or group to another.
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