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Lesson 4

Our Purpose in Life

Happiness is the one thing we desire for its own sake. When we reflect on all the free choices we make in life, everything we do is, at its root, in the pursuit of happiness.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Happiness
    Fulfillment or perfection. In the Sermon on the Mount Jesus gave the Beatitudes as the perfection of the Ten Commandments. They teach us how to be truly happy, or reach human perfection and fulfillment which we ultimately find in Heaven.
  • Self-Consciousness
    Being aware of oneself as meaningfully distinct from the world, and as being the same person throughout time.
  • Ego
    Psychological term coined by Sigmund Freud that refers generally to a person鈥檚 inner self.
  • Empathy
    The act of understanding and sharing in the feelings of others, particularly their sadness and suffering.
  • Conscience
    Conscience is a judgment of reason by which we recognize right and wrong. It is the voice of God speaking within us that guides us to do good and avoid evil.
  • Virtue
    The habit of doing what is good.
  • Transcendent
    Beyond full understanding and limitation. God goes beyond and is greater than His creation.
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