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Lesson 9


Our modern world has long critiqued the Catholic Church鈥檚 steadfast prohibition of contraception, claiming she is out of touch, or that her teaching is oppressive and sexist. At the height of the Sexual Revolution, Pope St. Paul VI strongly reaffirmed the Church鈥檚 teaching against contraception and predicted dire effects of contraception use that have today come true. The Church promotes Natural Family Planning as an alternative to contraception that cooperates with God鈥檚 will and respects the natural cycles of a women鈥檚 reproductive system.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Contraception
    Any action taken by a man and woman engaging in sexual relations that actively and intentionally is contrary to conception or prevents the conception of a child. It is a sinful action that offends both the unitive and procreative purposes of marriage. (2399)
  • Sterilization
    (n.): A procedure intended to destroy a person鈥檚 ability to conceive a child, for example a vasectomy (men) or a tubal ligation (women).
  • Eugenics
    (n.): A setoff believes and practices aimed at restricting population growth among people with so-called undesirable traits e.g. sterilizing the mentally handicapped and aborting babies with chromosomal abnormalities. Eugenics denies the dignity of all human life.
  • Natural Family Planning (NFP)
    (n.): The general title for the scientific, natural, and moral methods of family planning that can help married couples either achieve or postpone pregnancies and which respect the unitive and procreative nature of the marital embrace.
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