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Lesson 14

Physician-Assisted Suicide

Many people today believe that physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia are acceptable options for individuals who are near the end of their lives and are enduring great pain and suffering. The universal teaching of the Christian faith, however, has always held that suicide is wrong because our lives are not our own; they are loving gifts from God given to us so that we can make the free choice to love Him and others so that we may enter into eternal life with Him.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Physician-Assisted Suicide
    Physician-Assisted Suicide: The intentional taking of one鈥檚 own life with the help of a doctor with the intent to avoid pain and suffering.
  • Euthanasia
    (n.): The intentional killing of a person in order to spare them a painful death. The word comes from the Greek eu, for good, and thanatos, death.
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