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Sayings on Discipleship

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Lesson Overview

In this week鈥檚 Gospel passage, Jesus delivers a series of difficult teachings about being a disciple. Much like the parables of the treasure hidden in the field and the pearl of great price, the cost of being a disciple, though it may be steep, is far outweighed by the value of eternal life. In this lesson, students will explore the cost and value of being a disciple of Jesus Christ and consider what stumbling blocks stand in the way of their own relationship with Jesus and what ways they can be better disciples of Jesus during this new school year.

Lesson Materials

Activity I, Gospel Passage

Directions:聽 Read the Gospel passage aloud to your students as they follow along. Then discuss the focus and reflection questions with them as a class.

Answer Key

Focus Questions

1. What does Jesus say about being His disciple? One must hate his father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters, and even his own life in order to be Jesus鈥 disciple.

2. What does Jesus say about carrying one鈥檚 own cross? Whoever does not carry his own cross and follow Jesus cannot be His disciple.

3. What does Jesus teach that a person who wants to build a tower must do first? Why? They must sit down and calculate the cost to see if they have enough to build it. If they do not do this, and begin building but run out of money, they will be laughed at.

4. What does Jesus say a king marching into battle should do? Sit down and decide whether he can win the battle with the number of troops he has.

Activity II, How Much Would You Pay?

B. Read aloud to your students from 鈥How Much Would You Pay?鈥, and then have them complete the activity. C. Review and discuss the answers together when they have completed the activity.

鈥淗ow Much Would You Pay?鈥 Focus and Reflection Questions:

1. In the parable what does the person do to keep the treasure he found? He sells all that he has. He does this joyfully because the treasure and the pearl are worth more to him than all of his possessions.

2.聽 Jesus says the Kingdom of Heaven is like buried treasure. How do you find buried treasure? Accept reasoned answers. You have to search for it. Sometimes you follow a map that leads to the treasure.

3. Of all the things you own, which is your favorite? Would you give this thing up? Draw it in the box below Accept reasoned answers.


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