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The Prayer of Jesus

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Lesson Overview

Seventh Sunday of Easter

In this week’s Gospel passage, Jesus prays for His people and for the world. In His prayer, He asks the Father that the world might know the Father’s name and love for them. In this lesson, students will consider the example of prayer that Jesus gives to us and will create their own petitions of intercessory prayer for a class prayer service.

Lesson Materials


A. Read the Gospel passage for the week aloud to your students as they follow along. Then, have them complete the Focus Questions.

B. When they have finished, review and discuss the answers as a class.

C. In pairs or trios, have students read about intercessory prayer and the Prayer of the Faithful at Mass from the handout "Jesus Teaches Us How to Pray." Then, have each group create their own petitions of intercessory prayer following the given format of the Prayer of the Faithful used at Mass. Circulate the room and assist as needed.

D. When students have finished, take some time to pray as a class using the petitions your students have written. If possible, take your class to the school chapel or church, or, create a prayerful atmosphere in your class room. Then, for each petition from the handout, go around the room and have each group read their prayer aloud.

Answer Key

Focus Questions

  1. The glory the Father gave to Him.
  2. That He was sent by the Father and that the Father loves them as He loves Jesus.
  3. That they may be with Him and see the glory the Father gave Him.
  4. The Father.

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