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The Advocate

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Lesson Overview

Sixth Sunday of Easter

In this week鈥檚 Gospel passage, Jesus teaches His disciples that loving Him and the Father requires keeping His word. Jesus understands that it is not always easy to follow Him, so, He promises to send the Holy Spirit to help and to continue to teach us. In this lesson, students will reflect on what it means to keep Jesus鈥 word and will explore different symbols of the Holy Spirit from Scripture.

Lesson Materials


  1. Have students read the Gospel passage and answer the Focus and Reflection Questions.
  2. Review and discuss the Focus and Reflection Questions when students have finished.
  3. Have students complete the Symbols of the Holy Spirit activity individually or with a partner.
  4. When students have finished, review and discuss the various symbols of the Holy Spirit in Scripture. Call on students to share their drawings of each symbol.

Answer Key

Focus Questions

  1. They will keep His Word and the Father will love them.
  2. The Holy Spirit, the Advocate.
  3. At every Mass before the sign of peace.
  4. To not let them be troubled or afraid.
  5. Because He is going to the Father, who is greater than He.

Reflection Question

Answers will vary

Symbols of the Holy Spirit Activity

  1. A dove/The Spirit of God descended upon Jesus at His Baptism like a dove.
  2. Tongues or flames of fire/God鈥檚 spirit often appears in fire, which is symbol of power and might.
  3. Wind/The Spirit filled the room with the sound of a rushing wind, and God鈥檚 Spirit hovered over the waters of creation.
  4. A cloud/God led His people at various points in the Old Testament by appearing in a cloud or a pillar of cloud.


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