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The Appearance to the Seven Disciples

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Lesson Overview

Third Sunday of Easter

In this week鈥檚 Gospel passage, the Risen Jesus appears again to the Apostles who were fishing, with no success. Similar to the first time Jesus called the Apostles, Jesus asks them to cast their nets again and they catch a miraculous draw of fish. Jesus then reminds the Apostles of their mission and strengthens them for the work that lie ahead of them. In this lesson, students will compare and contrast the two Gospel stories and consider Jesus鈥 calling in their own lives.

Lesson Materials


  1. Read the Gospel passage aloud to your students as they follow along. Then, discuss the focus and reflection questions with them as a class.
  2. Have students complete the Spot the Differences activity. Tell your students to compare the two versions of the painting Second Miraculous Draught of Fishes by James Tissot and find 10 differences between the two images. Have them circle the differences.
  3. When they have finished, ask your students the following question:
    • In the new (second) version of the painting, why do you think sheep were added to the image? Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep (and lambs).
    • Jesus called Himself the Good Shepherd. What does a shepherd do? A shepherd cares for a flock of sheep.
    • Why did Jesus tell Peter to feed His sheep? What does that make Peter? Jesus will soon return to His Father in Heaven. He is telling Peter to feed His sheep in His place. This makes Peter a shepherd too, following in the example of Jesus.

Answer Key

Focus Questions

  1. Nothing.
  2. 鈥淐ast the net over the right side of the boat and you will find something.鈥 They followed the command and caught so many fish they were unable to pull in the net. 40
  3. 鈥淒o you love me?鈥
  4. 鈥淵es, Lord, you know that I love you.鈥
  5. 鈥淔eed my lambs,鈥 鈥淭end my sheep,鈥 and 鈥淔eed my sheep.鈥

Spot the Differences

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