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The Cleansing of Ten Lepers

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Lesson Overview

Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time

In this week鈥檚 Gospel passage, as Jesus continues His journey to Jerusalem, He meets ten lepers who cry out to Him for mercy. Jesus heals the lepers with only the power of His word, but only one returns to give thanks and praise to Jesus for His gift of healing. In this lesson, students will contemplate together the meaning of a gift and the proper disposition we should have towards gifts from God.

Lesson Materials


A. Have your students read the Gospel passage for the week and complete the focus questions.

B. Review and discuss the answers when they have completed the focus questions.

C. With a partner, have your students discuss the 鈥Thanks Be to God!鈥 reflection questions

D. When complete, call on students to share and discuss their answers.

E. Pray together the Prayer of Thanksgiving to God

Answer Key

Focus Questions聽

  1. Ten lepers.聽
  2. To have pity on them.
  3. Jesus told them to 鈥淕o show yourselves to the priests.鈥 As they were going to the priests, they were healed.聽
  4. One of the healed lepers, a Samaritan, returned to Jesus, glorified God, and fell at Jesus鈥 feet thanking Him.
  5. 鈥淭en were cleansed鈥here are the other nine?鈥
  6. Jesus told the healed leper that his faith had saved him.

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