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Lesson Overview

Triduum is the shortest liturgical season in the Church year. It comprises three days from the evening of Holy Thursday through the evening of Easter Sunday. During this time, we remember and celebrate the very events of our salvation: Christ’s Last Supper and Institution of the Eucharist and the ordained priesthood, and His Passion, Death, and Resurrection. In this lesson, students will learn about Triduum and reflect on the Last Supper with sacred art.

Lesson Materials


  1. Have students read the information on Handout A: What Is Triduum? (or read it aloud as they follow along). Then have your students answer the questions, or discuss them together as a class.
  2. Have students complete the Handout B: The Last Supper Look and Find activity using the given list and the sacred art image from Handout C: The Last Supper by Vicente Juan Macip. Students will look for certain items in the painting, circle them, and answer some questions When finished, review the answers with your students.

Answer Key

Handout A: What Is Triduum?

  1. The three days.
  2. Holy Eucharist and Holy Orders.
  3. Jesus was put on trial, carried His own Cross, was crucified, and died on the Cross.
  4. Jesus the Light of the World, who has risen from the dead.
  5. Baptism, Confirmation, and the Eucharist.
  6. Pentecost.

Handout B: The Last Supper Look and Find

  1. 12 (11 of the Apostles and Jesus have halos. Judas, in the far right corner, does not have a halo.)
  2. Jesus is in the center of the painting.
  3. Jesus is holding up the Eucharist in His right hand.
  4. It is on the table in front of Jesus.
  5. There are 5 pieces of bread on the table (6 if you count the Eucharist Jesus is holding).
  6. A bottle of wine is on the right hand side of the table.
  7. A jar of water is in front of the table, slightly to the left.
  8. A bowl is in front of the table, slightly to the right.
  9. Thaddeus (in front of the table to the left wearing pink and yellow), Andrew (standing to Jesus鈥 right, behind Peter, and wearing a purple robe), and Thomas (seated on the far right side of the table wearing green).
  10. Judas is in the far right corner holding a bag of coins in his right hand.
  11. Accept reasoned answers.

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