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Our catechetical workshops inspire, equip, and prepare teachers and catechists to share the faith with their students.

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A perfect day! The format of the sessions was so engaging, and I came away with new ideas to take back.

Austin Teacher

The variety between activities and talks was refreshing. A very creative and engaging day.


This was the best formation day I've experienced in 25 years of teaching. Thank you!


Example Workshop Agenda

  • 8:30-9:00am

    Breakfast and Check-In

  • 9:00-9:15am

    Program Introduction

  • 9:15-9:45am

    Sacred Art and The Sacraments

    Spend time examining a variety of sacred art images and simulate how to use them in your classroom to help students come to a deeper appreciation for the Sacraments.

  • 9:45-10:30am

    The Sacredness of the Liturgy

    Enjoy the first presentation by a Dr. Jason King, followed by Q & A.

  • 10:30-10:45am


  • 10:45-11:30am

    The Meaning of the Mass

    Participate in hands-on activities that will help your students come to see the true meaning of the Mass.

  • 11:30am-12:15pm

    Holy Mass

  • 12:15-1:00pm


  • 1:00-1:45pm

    Sacramental and Liturgical Living

    Enjoy the second presentation by Jason King, followed by Q & A.

  • 1:45-2:20pm

    Teaching the Liturgical Calendar

    Find creative ways to incorporate and teach the liturgical calendar throughout the school year with your students.

  • 2:20-2:30pm

    Additional Resources, Evaluation

Our comprehensive approach to serving teachers and catechists gives them

Catechetical Formation

Engaging sessions by a catechetical scholar provide background knowledge.

Practical Application

Research-based teaching strategies, and concrete tools to apply this knowledge in the classroom.

Spiritual Formation

You'll explore your vocation as a teacher, and your calling as a witness to Christ.

Ready-to-Use Materials

Receive a free supplemental guide featuring 10-12 lessons with activities and sacred art.

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