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Lesson 5

Evidence from the Big Bang

In this chapter your students will learn that…
■ Science and faith have the same goal: to understand the universe as it really is.
■ All evidence-based theories of our universe require a definite beginning in the past.
■ Anything that has a definite beginning requires a Creator.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Big Bang Theory
    Theory developed by physicist Fr. Georges Lemaître, Ph.D. in 1927, that the universe is expanding outward from a specific point in the past. Galaxies are not moving through a fixed empty space, but rather the space between the galaxies is itself stretching and growing.
  • Red Shift
    Phenomenon that is observed from our perspective on earth that as stars and galaxies move away faster from us, the wavelengths of light they emit have a longer wavelength and shorter frequency, making the light “shift” towards the red end of the electromagnetic spectrum.
  • Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
    Is the aftershock of the birth of the universe.
  • Borde-Vilenkin-Guth Proof
    Proof concluding that any universe with an expansion rate greater than zero must have had a beginning, meaning it could not have existed eternally into the past.
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