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Lesson 8

What Questions Are Raised by God's Existence?

In this chapter your students will learn that…
■ The existence of God cannot be rationally disproved.
■ There is no real conflict between the truths of science and the truths of faith.
■ Science and the Bible are two different sources for understanding creation. As long as certain truths about creation are maintained, Catholics are free to believe that evolution is a scientifically valid theory for the development of species.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Atheism
    (n.): The belief that God does not exist.
  • Agnosticism
    (n.): The view that we do not know whether God exists. From the Greek prefix “a-” meaning “without” or “absence of” and gnosis, meaning “knowledge.”
  • Evolution
    Theory proposed by Charles Darwin on how species are thought to have developed and diversified over time, moving from simple to more complex.
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