Spirit of Truth

“I like the readers theater. It works well with good readers and emerging readers in an activity together.”​

We listened.

The updates in our 2nd edition reflect feedback from the teachers and catechists in thousands of schools and parishes that have used Spirit of Truth since 2017.​

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Our goal was a more age-appropriate resource that preserves the completeness and beauty of the first edition.

Spirit of Truth Teachers​

More streamlined lesson plans that support active teaching​

NEW lesson plan chart​

More streamlined instruction​

Student pages in the lesson plan​

NEW liturgical year appendix​

Spirit of Truth Students​

More exciting workbook and more age-appropriate activities​

More illustrations and engaging design​

Varied ways to show what they’ve learned​

More integration of the liturgy​

More hands-on activities​

What Our Pilot Teachers & Catechists Are Saying:

“I liked how visually appealing the activities were to the students. The activities were all so inviting, and the children were very eager to complete them; whether they were drawing or fill in the blank. I notice such an improvement in child engagement from our previous textbook.”​

“I was very pleased with the changes! It was nice to see the adaptations that have happened to make it a better fit for 2nd Grade without losing the quality content.”

“The activities were varied and kept the students engaged throughout.”

“I liked the way the lesson was set up as it was easy to follow.”​

“I liked the Teacher’s Guide instructions. They were clear and easy for me to follow. The lessons had a lot of hands-on activities that my class enjoyed. I loved how the lessons flowed together.”​

“The lesson was very age-appropriate. Students of all levels were able to participate and learn together!”

“Wonderful artwork, brief and easy to follow lessons for the age group. Lesson plans are easy to follow along. It seems very age-appropriate overall.”​

​”Very friendly and fun for kindergarteners”​

“I really liked all of the activities that included cutting and pasting, not just coloring. I also liked the suggested questions.”​

“I like the readers theater. It works well with good readers and emerging readers in an activity together.”​

“I loved how the passage was sprinkled with good vocabulary words. The Teacher’s Guide seemed like it was a better layout than our current one.”​

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