Sophia Institute for Teachers is proud
to partner with Faith Journals to bring our
high school workbooks to your classroom!


With Faith Journals, teachers can:

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  • Set up activities and questions from our pre-created lesson plans
  • Check student’s work and allow for peer-review
  • Supervise each student鈥檚 work and provide guidance in real-time
  • Allow students to collaborate with each other

    Spirit of Truth High School workbooks are
    now integrated into Faith Journal鈥檚
    platform, and available for use!

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    Our High School workbooks include:

    • Ready to use activities to save you time
    • Critical thinking and application questions
    • Sacred Art reflections
    • Prayer exercises to bolster your student’s spiritual lives

    Check out the free Sophia Institute workbook sample Spirit of Truth: I. The Transmission of Divine Revelation that includes a 7-day journal activity to start the school year.

    Click the link to access the sample activity. You will be asked to create an account in Faith Journals (it is free up to 5 students).

    Access the Sample Activity

    Using Faith Journals Already? Here are all of our High School offerings:

    Course 1: The Revelation of Christ in Scripture

    Course 2: Encountering Christ

    Course 3: The Paschal Mystery

    Course 4: The Church is Christ’s Living Body

    Course 5: The Sacraments

    Course 6: The Moral Life in Christ

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