Spirit of Truth, School Edition



Students are introduced to the loving goodness of the Blessed Trinity, meet the members of the Holy Family, and learn who the saints are and what they teach us.


1God Made Everything Good

In this unit, we learn who God is, that He is a Trinity, and that He made everything. God loves us and wants us to love him and each other.

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2God Always Loves Us

In this unit, we learn that God loves us. After Adam and Eve sinned, we now struggle to do the right thing. Thankfully, God gave us baptism to help us and make us members of His family!

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3Jesus is God's Son

In this unit, we learn about Jesus' passion, death, and resurrection. We also learn about the mass and the Eucharist, which are the memorials of these things.

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4Jesus Teaches Us How to Live

In this unit, we learn about Jesus! We learn how he was baptized, worked miracles, called disciples, taught us how to live, and founded His Holy Church on Earth.

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5Jesus Is Our Savior

In this unit, we learn how Jesus suffered and died to save us from our sins and how He gloriously rose from the dead and ascended into heaven!

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6The Holy Spirit and the Church

In this unit, we learn about The Holy Spirit that Jesus sent to us, as well as The Church which He made to bring the nations to Him.

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7God Wants Us to Be Holy

In this unit, we learn about the saints and how Jesus wants us to be saints too!

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