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A Series Exploring Faith, Science, and Reason

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Courses in the Series

Apologetics I

The Catholic Faith and Science

This course explores the scientific evidence for God as well as philosophical proofs of His existence, the historicity of Jesus‘s miracles and Resurrection, the reasons to be Catholic, why an all-loving God would allow suffering, and medical evidence for our transphysical soul. Each chapter includes a study of primary sources from Church history, focus and reflection questions, complete instructions for interactive activities, art, and other visual reflections, Scripture readings, and biographies of Catholic scientists and saints. 

PLUS… each unit includes instructions for an activity to team-teach with a chemistry, biology, or other science teacher.

Imprimatur, Student Text, 2022

Apologetics II

Challenges of the Modern World:
A Catholic Response

This course gives students the understanding they need to respond to the important and difficult moral issues of our time. This course focuses not simply on what the Ten Commandments say,  but delves deeply into the reasons WHY we should follow them. Students will be equipped to defend the Catholic position on today’s toughest topics, including abortion, homosexuality, and gender ideology, as well as the virtues we must cultivate in our response. Each chapter includes a study of primary sources from Church history, focus and reflection questions, complete instructions for interactive activities, art and other visual reflections, scripture readings, and inspirational stories of the saints.

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Speak the Faith –
A Public Speaking Course on Faith, Science, and Reason

This compelling 15-week course is designed to help students come to know and confidently defend the Catholic Faith. Focused on common objections to Christianity that are prevalent today, your student will soon be able to demonstrate scientific proof that God exists, show evidence that Jesus rose from the dead and performed miracles, and explain why He allows suffering, among many other topics. Each chapter includes readings, discussion questions, complete instructions for activities utilizing proven teaching strategies, rubrics, and answer keys. Perfect as a religion class, a public speaking elective, or a confirmation prep program, this course provides speech templates and videos, and instructions for three public speaking workshops to help your students succeed in speaking convincingly about our Faith. ​​​​​​

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