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Saintly Heart & Brother Francis Stations of the Cross Playset

Accompany Brother Francis as he prays and reflects on the Stations of the Cross and invite your children to learn about Jesus’ love and sacrifice for them. Recounting the steps of our Lord’s Passion as told by Sacred Scripture, this beautiful wooden set features animated characters from the popular Catholic children’s cartoon, Brother Francis, and will invite your children to pray throughout Lent in experiential and age-appropriate ways.

Stations of the Cross Story Book by Catholic Sprouts

The Stations of the Cross Story Book is a family-friendly version of the Stations of the cross that can be read as a story book or used for the formal Way of the Cross Devotion. Each station or page includes a family-friendly image of the Station of the Cross, a short description of the station, a powerful challenge and short prayer.

The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale by Angela Elwell

This book tells the Easter story from a new and unusual point of view. Children will be deeply touched as they understand, perhaps for the first time, the significance of Christ’s life and his atoning sacrifice on the cross.

Petook: The Rooster Who Met Jesus by Tomie dePaola

Petook, a snowy white rooster whose home is in sight of Calvary’s hill, is awaiting a hatching and becomes strangely agitated when he sees men being lifted onto crosses there. He doesn’t know that one of the men being crucified is a boy who visited Petook’s family long ago. But three days later on Easter morning, as a new brood of chicks hatches that coincides with the Resurrection of the stranger, Petook is inspired to crow with great joy, celebrating the mystery of new life.

Light of the Saints by Cory Heimann

Light of the Saints is an interactive, light-based children’s book that tells the story of 12 saints from around the world, including St. Veronica! Shine a light behind the page to see hidden images of their miracles and heroic acts. When you shine your light behind St. Veronica’s cloth, it shows Jesus’ face!

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