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Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Lesson Overview

The Gospel for the fifth Sunday of Lent brings several key concepts into focus that are especially appropriate
for Lent: the reality of sin, the need for forgiveness, and the miracle of the Resurrection. After reading the Gospel,
students will reflect on a piece of sacred art to ponder these concepts and then discuss conversation questions.

Lesson Materials

Gospel Reflection / Sacred Art Activity

  • Have students read the Gospel passage, or read it aloud to your students.
  • Together, look at the painting Jesus Wept by James Tissot and discuss the conversation questions that follow.

Answer Key

(Note: The focus and reflection questions for this week are combined with the Sacred Art Reflection)

Handout: Jesus Wept Questions

  1. Jesus said "it is so that the works of God might be made visible through him" (John 9:7).
  2. In both stories, we see Jesus heal those who are suffering. We see the Lord's power to heal, even to restore the dead to life. It is also important to note that both sickness and death are the result of sin--not personal sin (though some sicknesses can be caused by sin), but Original Sin.
  3. The Original Sin of Adam and Eve caused humans to experience death. Because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve, which broke the communion between Heaven and earth, and wounded human nature. We became weak and inclined to sin, and sickness and death entered the world.
  4. Because death is the result of sin. Sin can hurt our bodies but more importantly it hurts our souls. Mortal sin separates us from God. We need God's forgiveness in order to be reconciled to Him.
  5. He raises him from the dead.
  6. He says, "Did I not tell you that if you believe you will see the glory of God?"
  7. If we believe in Jesus and follow Him, we too will see the glory of God!
  8. Jesus' raising of Lazarus is a sign of His own Resurrection. We see Jesus perform this miracle that shows God's power over death, and we anticipate the coming Easter celebration: Jesus conquered death when He rose from the dead--the most glorious miracle He ever performed.
  9. Jesus will raise from the dead those who have believed in and followed Him.

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