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Spirit of Truth, School Edition

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Getting Started Guide

  1. Ongoing Support

    Learn about the personalized, 1-on-1 teacher-to-teacher support we offer you for as long as you are using Spirit of Truth. Also includes information about free webinars, and our free, in-person professional development programs that feature a catechetical scholar, practical sessions with a master teacher, spiritual renewal, as well as catered breakfast and lunch.

  2. Essential Lessons Guide

    Learn how the Essential Lessons Guide helps you plan effectively by listing the most important lessons to present, enabling you to spend more time on those lessons your students respond to best.

  3. Online Resources

    Access free tests, quizzes, PowerPoints, handouts for absent students, liturgical year lessons, and many other supplements to enhance your experience using Spirit of Truth religion textbooks.

  4. Make it Your Own!

    You are the expert! This video offers tips and strategies for adapting Spirit of Truth lessons to your own teaching style, as well as to your particular students.

  5. Instructional Design and Support for Reading and Literacy

    Explore the instructional design of Spirit of Truth, and specifically how it supports reading and literacy skills.

  6. Student Workbooks

    Learn about the structure, organization, and features of the student workbook, as well as how the student workbooks and teachers guides work together to create a complete lesson experience.

  7. Parts of a Lesson Plan, Part 2

    In this video you’ll continue learning how to make the most of warm-ups, activities, and formative assessments offered in each lesson plan of Spirit of Truth.

  8. Parts of a Lesson Plan, Part I

    Learn the basic structure of the Spirit of Truth lesson plan format, and tips for using it in your classroom.

  9. Organization, Content, and Pacing

    In this video you’ll learn how Spirit of Truth is organized into units and lessons, as well as the basic parts of each lesson plan

  10. Catholic Identity

    In this video, you鈥檒l learn about how our Catholic Faith is integrated into Spirit of Truth. Your new textbooks not only give your students deep and factual knowledge about the Catholic Faith, but they also invite them into a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ in and through His Church.

  11. Welcome to Spirit of Truth School Edition

    Welcome to your new Spirit of Truth textbooks! This introductory video is the first in a series to help you get the most out of them. Receive an overview of how Spirit of Truth is different from typical textbooks, as well as information about its most popular and useful features.