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Fourth Sunday of Lent

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Lesson Overview

In the Gospel for this fourth week of Lent, Jesus gives sight to a man who had been born blind. Despite this great gift from Jesus, the man experiences ridicule and persecution from the people he knows. In this lesson, students will contemplate the role of suffering and persecution in Christian life.

Lesson Materials

Gospel Reflection

  • Have students read the Gospel passage, or read it aloud to your students, and then answer the focus questions. You may have students answer them on their own or you may discuss them together as a class.
  • Review and discuss the correct answers when finished


Have your students complete the Handout B: Persecution reflection activity. When they are finished, call on students to share some of their responses.

Answer Key

Handout A: Gospel Reading

  1. Jesus gave sight to a man who was born blind. He did so by spitting on the ground and making clay with His saliva and spreading it on the blind man鈥檚 eyes. Then He told him to wash in the pool of Siloam.
  2. Whose sin caused him to be blind, his or his parents? (Note: the people of Jesus鈥 time believed that illness and physical deformity were caused directly by one鈥檚 sins.) Jesus answered the question saying that it was no one鈥檚 sin that caused his blindness, rather, he was blind so that the works of God could be made visible through him.
  3. They were confused and disbelieving, even suggesting that he wasn鈥檛 the man they knew. The Pharisees questioned him, accused him of untruth and sinfulness, and ridiculed him.
  4. He professed his belief and worshipped Him.
  5. He accused them of being sinners.聽

Handout B: Persecution

Accept reasoned answers for all questions.



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