The Healing of a Deaf Man – Twenty Third-Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Lesson Overview

In this week’s Gospel passage Jesus heals a deaf man who also has a speech impediment.
Jesus touches the man to heal him and says, “Be opened,” and the man is healed. Students
will contemplate how Jesus touches us and opens our ears and eyes so that we too might
be healed and confident to serve the Lord.

Lesson Materials

Activity Part I, My Strengths

  1. Complete the My Strengths chart with your students.

Activity Part II, Gospel Reading 

  1. Read the Gospel passage aloud to your students as they follow along.
  2. Discuss the focus and reflection questions with them as a class.

Focus Questions

Lower Elementary Gospel Reading, Mark 7:31-37

  1. How did the deaf man come to meet Jesus? What was asked of Jesus? He was brought to Jesus by other people.
  2. What did Jesus use to heal the deaf man? Jesus put His fingers into the man’s ears and spit on his tongue. He said “Be opened!”
  3. What did Jesus tell the people not to do? What did they actually do? Jesus told the people not to say anything about what they had seen. They told everyone.

Activity Part III, Jesus is Lord

  1. Complete the Jesus is Lord Chart with your students.

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