The Triduum

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Lesson Overview

Triduum is the shortest liturgical season in the Church year. It comprises three days from the evening of Holy
Thursday through the evening of Easter Sunday. During this time, we remember and celebrate the very events of our salvation: Christ’s Last Supper and Institution of the Eucharist and the ordained priesthood, and His Passion,
Death, and Resurrection. In this lesson, students will learn about Triduum and reflect on the Last Supper with
sacred art and Scripture.

Lesson Materials


  • Handout A: What Is Triduum?
  • Handout B: The Last Supper



  • Have students read the information on Handout A: What Is Triduum?. Then, have your students answer the questions, or discuss them together as a class.
  • Have students complete Part 1 from the Handout B: The Last Supper activity. Make markers and/or colored pencils available for students to add their drawing to the painting The Last Supper by Vicente Juan Macip. When they have finished their drawings, show students the original painting, located at the following link:
  • Then, have your students complete Part 2 from Handout B by reading the story of the Last Supper from Luke 22:14-20 and answering the questions.


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