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Lesson 3

Scientific Evidence for the Soul

In this chapter your students will learn that…
■ Science and religion have the same goal.
■ We can learn about ourselves from revelation as well as natural science.
■ It is reasonable to believe that we have souls that survive bodily death.
■ Scientific studies on near-death experiences (NDEs) and terminal lucidity provide evidence that human consciousness goes on after clinical death.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Soul
    That which animates or gives life to a body.
  • Near-death Experiences
    Events where people undergo clinical death and then return to physical life, some reporting afterward that they maintained consciousness, despite the absence of brain function.
  • Terminal Lucidity
    Phenomenon where the minds of patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease suddenly become clear shortly before death. Persons with terminal lucidity are aware of relatives and friends, God’s presence, prayers, good and evil, and right or wrong, even though their brains had been incapable of rational thought, sometimes for many years.
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