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Lesson 6

Evidence from Entropy

In this chapter your students will learn that…
■ Entropy is the principle that systems always move from order to disorder.
■ Only nothing can come from nothing.
■ The universe is so fine-tuned in such a way to favor and support life that it is virtually impossible that it was random chance.
■ The gravitational constant determines how strongly physical bodies in the universe are attracted to each other through gravity.
■ Ockham’s Razor states the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Entropy
    Measure of the degree of chaos or disorder in a system. The principle that systems move from order to disorder, and will only become more ordered due to an input of energy into the system, is explained by the second law of thermodynamics.
  • Gravitational Constant
    A numerical constant that is used to calculate the gravitational attraction between two objects.
  • Ockham's Razor
    Principle that we should prefer the explanation with the fewest assumptions, conditions, and requirements, because nature favors elegance over needless complexity.
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