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Lesson 7

Philosophical Proofs of an Intelligent Creator

In this chapter your students will learn that…
■ Philosophy is the love of wisdom and can be used to come to reasonable knowledge of God.
■ St. Thomas Aquinas demonstrated by way of five proofs for God’s existence that there must be one uncaused, unrestricted being who caused everything else.
■ Philosophical proofs for God can tell us what God is — the Creator, the unique uncaused reality existing through itself, unrestricted in intelligibility and in intelligence — but they are limited in what they can tell us about who God is.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Philosophy
    (n.): From the Greek word philosophia, which means “love of wisdom.” It is the study of ultimate reality and its causes by human reason alone.
  • Five Ways
    Five arguments developed by St. Thomas Aquinas that use human reason and observation of the created world to conclude that God exists. Also called the “five proofs for the existence of God.”
  • First Mover
    The necessary, uncaused Being, or God, who first set everything in motion.
  • Efficient Cause
    In philosophy, the agent who brings a thing into being or initiates a change.
  • Teleology
    The study of ends or final causes.
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