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The Baker’s Dozen: A Saint Nicholas Tale by Aaron Shepard

Van Amsterdam the baker was well known for his honesty as well as for his fine Saint Nicholas cookies. He always gave his customers exactly what they paid for — not more and not less. So, he was not about to give in when a mysterious old woman comes to him on Saint Nicholas Day and insists that a dozen is thirteen! The woman’s curse puts an end to the baker’s business, and he believes it would take Saint Nicholas to help him. But if he receives that help, will it be exactly what he imagined? Find out in this inspiring legend from Dutch colonial New York about the birth of an honored American custom.

The Legend of Saint Nicholas by Anselm Grun

Many stories are told about Saint Nicholas — stories about his generosity and his miracles, stories about the concern he showed for those in poverty. This warm, inviting books tells many of these stories, both familiar and lesser-known. It recounts how he ended a famine by multiplying grain from a merchant ship and how he walked on water to rescue sailors from a terrible storm. And, of course, it tells the story of how Nicholas gave his inheritance to prevent a desperate man from selling his daughters into slavery.


Saintly Heart Nativity Playset

Saintly Heart Nativity Playset

Make the story of Christmas come to life with this one-of-a-kind Nativity Playset! This beautifully crafted and durable nativity is ideal for little hands and sturdy enough for bigger kids. Made from eco-friendly and sustainable wood and paper, this Nativity Playset features a magnetic closing box with a handle that opens to create a colorful backdrop perfect to recreate the Christmas story. It fits neatly on a shelf when it is closed but opens into a beautiful display that you will want to showcase for the holiday season. Featuring 17 bright and unbreakable figures, this Nativity Playset includes The Holy Family, 3 wisemen and their camels, 2 shepherds and their sheep, an ox, a donkey, an angel, and the Christmas star. While exploring the mystery of the Incarnation, your child will strengthen his fine motor skills, dexterity, and creativity. Invite your child to discover the true meaning of Christmas with this interactive Nativity set and bring glory to God through play!

Included in this set: Jesus, Mary, Joseph, 3 wisemen, 3 camels, 2 shepherds, 1 sheep, 1 ox, 1 donkey, 1 horse, 1 angel, and 1 star

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