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Lesson 18

The Four Kinds of Happiness

In this chapter your students will learn that…
■ There are four kinds of happiness: pleasure, comparative, contributive, and transcendent.
■ Pleasure from having basic needs and wants met does not last long.
■ Focusing only on comparing ourselves to others can trap us in a comparison game.
■ Empathy and conscience help us make a positive difference to someone or something beyond ourselves.
■ Even if we experience all the other kinds of happiness, we will still experience a desire for the transcendental — God Himself.

Lesson Vocabulary

  • Empathy
    The act of understanding and sharing in the feelings of others, particularly their sadness and suffering.
  • Conscience
    The gift God gave human beings to be able to use reason in order to judge right from wrong. Our conscience is God’s voice in our hearts.
  • Virtue
    An habitual and fi rm disposition to do the good. Moral virtues are acquired through human effort. The infused moral virtues and the theological virtues are gifts from God.
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