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Spirit of Truth, Home Edition

Grade 8

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This year includes five units for middle school students to build on their understanding of personal growth, morality, the citizen and government, and God’s plan for marriage and the family.


1Christ and the Church

In this unit, we learn about the nature and mission of the Church, how it has made its mark on the world, how it is alive in the world today, and how it will be concluded in the Four Last Things.

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In this unit, we take a deep dive into morality. We look at the definition of morality, the importance of freedom and conscience regarding it, and the various laws that teach us how to love. We also look at what it takes to make good decisions and how one can be trapped by sin. Lastly, we examine how God helps us to be holy and what we can do to instill holiness within ourselves.

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3The Citizen and the Government

In this unit, we look at what it takes to be a worthy citizen and what it means to be a just government. Furthermore, we look at what is required for a nation or a people to declare a Just War.

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4God's Plan for Love and Marriage

In this unit, we learn about the Theology of the Body and touch upon some difficult but important subjects for teenagers. These include how to express love, discussing what are offenses against chastity are and why they are sins, distinguishing between friendship, love, and lust, and trusting in God's grace to assist us in avoiding temptations.

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