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Spirit of Truth, School Edition

Grade 3


1Jesus Reveals to Us the Trinity and the Father's Love

In this unit, we explore what Christ us about God. We learn that God is a Trinity of love which show us also how to love. Learn how to reverence the name of the Lord and the love He has for His creation. Lastly, we marvel at the incarnation, Jesus, and listen to his teachings.

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2Jesus Teaches Us about the Kingdom of God

In this unit, we explore the teachings of Christ through his parables, miracles, lessons, and example.

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3We Are Called to Follow Jesus and to Love One Another

In this unit, we look at how Christ asks us to love and then apply that to our ourselves, our friends and family, and stranger, and enemies.

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4The Church Continues Jesus' Mission of Salvation and Forgiveness of Sins

In this unit, we witness how Christ created His Church and died to save us from our sins, and how we can only find forgiveness through Him.

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5The Sacraments of Initiation and the Sacraments of Healing and Forgiveness

In this unit, we learn about the sacraments of Baptism, ,Confirmation, the Eucharist, Penance, and anointing of the sick.

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6Mary, the Mother of God and Our Mother

In this unit, we learn that Mary is the mother and our own mother, Furthermore, we see that she is the perfect example of Christian living and obedience to God.

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7The Holy Spirit Guides the Church

In this unit, we see how the Holy Spirit guides the Church and has guided it since Pentecost. We also examine how we can experience the Church in our own parishes.

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8Appendix D: Confirmation

This unit is to help prepare students to receive Confirmation

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